Micro foils… yes please! 

Today I want to talk to you about micro foiling. It’s a new technique and is very on trend this season. It’s a fabulous way to update your look but still looks subtle and natural. 

Micro foiling is like traditional foils but done much finer and very close together. It’s a time consuming technique so will give you some much needed alone time while you sit back and relax in the salon chair. Once the colour is achieved the maintenance is very minimal. Your stylist will weave out very fine pieces of hair and paint the colour on in vertical strokes to create a beautiful subtle blend, using vertical strokes prevents any harsh or  solid lines from appearing. I just love the softness of this colour technique it gives that beautiful sunkissed glow. It’s something different but still subtle and elegant.  

 You may only have to retouch your micro foils around every 12 weeks. Obviously if you have grey hair you will need to maintain your greys in between. ( grey hair aka natural highlights…ain’t no body got time for you!) 

#mamatip It’s best to select a colour that isn’t to much lighter than your natural colour this will help to reduce maintenance and also ensure the condition of your hair is not compromised. 

A great product to use to accompany your new colour is Delorenzo Nova fusion shampoo. Nova fusion is a pigmented shampoo that tones, brightens and refreshes your colour every time you shampoo. This product comes in a variety of colours so there is one for every one to choose from. N

If you do give this colour a go, let me know I would love to hear how you like it? 



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