Silver cross pioneer pram review. 

When the time came to choose a pram I was so overwhelmed by the choices available that I did what most people do. I went to Google and searched for reviews on prams… I found the results very stressful because who knew there where so many types of prams not to mention who knew they were sooooo expensive!!! I didn’t. There was so much mixed information, everything from saftey ratings to multi transport systems, like I said overwhelming! I decided who better to ask than actual mums who use their prams daily. I asked questions like what do you like about it?, what do you hate?, is there a feature you wish you had?. After much discussion and research I felt equipped to make an informed decision. 

So off to the baby shop we went. Hubby nearly died when he saw the prices but soon understood that the saying ” you pay for what you get” was so true when it came to prams. 
There where 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, tandem prams, jogger prams and the good old fashioned basic strollers. Options galore and I became so nervous about making a wrong choice as it wouldn’t be a cheap mistake. The whole experience for me felt much like buying a car. 

Some were so heavy I couldn’t even lift yet some were so light and poorly made that even hanging your nappy bag would cause it to tip and some where so complicated you basically needed an engineering degree to operate. the confusion continued but I tested and tried them all until I knew exactly what I wanted.

What I know is there is no one pram that does absolutely everything. The perfect pram does not exists… but there is a pram that comes pretty damm close. 

Meet the silver cross pioneer!  

This pram is pure genius. It ticks so many boxes for me. Here are some things I love about my pioneer. 

  • Light weight – only 10kgs which in pram land is very light! 
  •  Compact yet spacious – the pioneer features a very spacious storage basket but is still so compact that it can fit through all those tight spaces and can full circle easily around the grocery shop isles
  • Multi seat choice system – you have 3 choices of seats. A 0-25kg seat, A 0-6months flat lay basinet or it is compatible with the maxi cosi capsule/carrier which is the system we are using at the moment it’s so handy especially when LL is asleep in the car I can just click it straight onto the pram without waking him. 
  • Adjustable handle for different heights- This one is great because I am so short but my husband is so tall so with the push of one button we can change the handle height for easy use.
  • This one is hubby’s fav, all terrain tires-Great on grass and sand. The wheels never get stuck and can roll over any surface easily. 
  • Dual facing – forward and rear facing with many different seat adjustments.  
  • Easy fold – this is a big one, folds with the click of one button. So handy because no one wants to be that mum in the car park who can’t fold her pram! 
  • The pioneer comes in many different colour but if you get bored the hood is interchangeable so you don’t have to replace your whole pram! 

Last but obviously most important! 

  •  STYLISH!!! – this Mama cares about style just as much as functionality and with its chrome finishes and leatherette detail handle the pioneers stylish finishes gets a big tick from me! 

This pram will set you back  $1200 at full RRP but often goes on sale for around $900. Worth every cent in my opinion. I love using my silver cross pram… it’s no wonder they have been making the prams for the royal family since the early 1900’s. 

If you’re looking for a pram do yourself a favor and check this beauty out! Pictured above is the flat lay bassinet, the 0-25kg seat and the carrier/capsule system seat  with the apron attached (it’s highly unlikely you will use the apron with our climate in Australia but silver cross are a British company so it’s designed for there conditions) 

You can also see as pictured it’s neat and compact fold. 

Pictured here is the pioneer storage basket, ample storage with its generous size. 

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