Styling tips for your little girls hair! 

I often get asked for advice on how to tame little girl’s hair. It can be very stressful trying get your child to co operate of a morning when you’re in a hurry and their hair is riddled with knots. Add some tears and a tantrum and it’s virtually impossible to get to school or your destination on time. Here are some tips and tricks I recommend to Mama’s needing that little bit of extra help. 

  • Shampoo twice! It’s no secret that kids get dirty. They wouldn’t be kids if they didn’t. Always shampoo twice as the first shampoo removes dirt and debris from the hair while the second actually cleanses the hair and scalp. There is no need to wash your child’s hair everyday but if their daily activities mean they get particularly sweaty there is no harm in daily washing. 
  • Comb hair while it’s wet. It’s also a good idea to comb your child’s hair while there is still conditioner in it. Start combing from the mid section to the ends. It is much easier to comb hair this way it eliminates knots easily and is much less painful for your little one. *Never use a brush when hair is wet. Children’s hair is finer and therefore much weaker than adult hair and hair is more vulnerable while wet, therefore brushing it can cause it to stretch and snap
  • Avoid knots forming by applying leaving in conditioner and plaiting your girl’s hair while it’s still damp. This will make combing it the next morning so easy as it keeps the hair in place and reduces frizz. Before swimming apply a leave in conditioner. I recommend Davroe Ends Repay this product is great as it creates a barrier against the chlorine and prevents the chlorine from attaching to damaged areas. Try to remove chlorine as soon as possible from your child’s hair using shampoo and then follow with conditioner. Avoid letting your child sleep with chlorine water in their hair, not only is it bad for their hair but it can also have negative health effects. 
  • To avoid screaming and protesting remember if the hair is pretty much knot free than it’s ok to use a brush but if it’s tangled first spray the hair with water (wet hair combs much easier and a wide tooth comb is the best type to use) then use a detangling spray. You will be amazed just how helpful it is. If you’re brushing hair dry I highly recommend the Tangle Teezer range, their brushes are palm sized and eliminate knots quickly and easily. They also come in different colour and patterns so the kids just love them! 
  • Get organized. Have a little section of your bathroom or child’s bedroom that has everything you need i.e. hairbands, combs & brushes. 
  •  If you remember any of these tips this is the best one! Add tea tree oil to your detangling spray or water spray as Tea tree is a natural head lice deterrent. Spray it on your little one’s hair and inside their hats and those pesky things won’t want to come near your little one!  
  • And finally try and get your little one involved by explaining what you’re doing and why. Try letting them pick out their favorite hair ties or the head band they would like to wear. Often when children feel like they are participating it’s less of a chore and not such a battle. Pretty soon they will enjoy this lovely bonding time with mum or dad and love having their hair done. I often hear from mums who have young teenagers who cannot manage their own hair, I find if this skill is taught early it’s much easier to pick up. You can even turn it into a fun activity to do together by looking up hair tutorials on YouTube and practice them on each other. It’s fun and free and more importantly, it is time spent together that your little girl will always remember. 

Do you find doing your little one’s hair challenging?