Post Partum Hair Loss 

As most mums reading will know one of the downsides of pregnancy is hairloss. For most wemon it’s inevitable and can go for months and for the really unlucky, years!! 
I had terrible HG (hyperemises Gravidarum) while pregnant and it caused me to experience pretty bad hair loss. My once thick, luscious, long and healthy hair was falling out in massive chunks and was dry and brittle. 

(Before the post partum hair loss began)

As a hairdresser I understood why this was happening. My body was going through major changes and was in shock! I was lacking nutrients so my hair was suffering. But as a women it really upset me. I’ve always been very attached to my hair. It was often something people would complement me for and I felt lucky to have such nice hair. All of that definitely changed while I was pregnant. And at about 3 months after birth it started all over again… this time it really had me concerned because I didn’t have that much left to lose. Even with all of my skills and knowledge as a hairdresser I struggled to cope with my post partum hair loss and to deal with the fine, tangled mess I was left with. My little Leo is 7 months old now and after trying so many things I finally bit the bullet and cut a substantial amount off. It feels much better! Part of me is sad that my really long hair is gone (it’s now just past my shoulders) but it looks so much thicker and I now don’t feel like people are starting at my thin, dry ends. 

Isn’t It funny how we hold onto things because we are scared to step out of our comfort zone. This is the shortest length I’ve worn for about 10 years. But the change was much needed and I’m really enjoying it. 
As far as post partum hair loss goes. There really is no cure and it is very normal. It typically sorts itself out within a year after birth. What I would suggest though and encourage if you’re suffering from hair loss is to use a hair regrowth system such as ‘Nioxin’ this will at least encourage new growth while your hormones are sorting themselves out. I’ve recently started taking ‘Qsilica’ I am taking the once a day tablet for hair skin and nails. It’s been two weeks and I definitely feel a difference in my skin but not yet in my hair or nails but time will tell. Also remember to be super gentle with you hair! Lay off the straightener and don’t forget your leave in treatments! After all Strong hair thrives and survives. 

(Available from Priceline Pharmacy)

(After a big cut and a colour revamp by @urbanehairandbeauty) 

Did you experience post partum hair loss? Do you have any tips for fellow mamas struggling with it? 

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