Mum buns and heels – a place for all things Mama, hair, beauty and fashion. on this blog I will share with you my tips and tricks of the hair and beauty trade, and also my new experiences as a first time mum.

I’m very passionate about the hair and beauty industry but most of all I’m obsessed with giving women confidence!! I’m so lucky that in my job I am able to make women feel amazing just by changing their look or educating them on how to look after their hair. I hope this blog educates and inspires you to look and feel your best especially if your a mama! it’s so easy to put everyone else fist and forget about you but as I tell all my clients you’re no good to anyone if you don’t look after number one.

There is really nothing more attractive than confidence, I believe you can wear what ever you want or style your hair however you like as long as you are confident. I hope we can learn and grow together as we embrace what it means to be a stylish confident mama!