Mama Glam

Many mums have sat in my chair over the years and the one constant thing among them is that mothers feel they don’t have enough time for their hair. It’s no secret that being a mum can sometimes be hard work and putting your children first is just what mothers do. Women often say to me “if only my hair could look this good everyday” and I always tell them it’s amazing what 5-10 spare minutes can do! 
Introducing “Mama Glam” this is a section of the blog where I will share easy, inexpensive and most of all low maintenance hair styles to help you look your best and feel as confident as you can. There will be featured hair trends to follow to make sure your hair is always on trend and looking fresh with tips and tricks on how to make your hair work for you with only 5-10 spare minutes. 

If you’re busy but still want your look to be current and fabulous then you’re in the right place. As always if there is a hair or beauty question you would like answered please get in touch!